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Similarly I can’t recall Boddy’s having double deckers, but there WERE no less than seven ex YWD centre entrance Leyland TD2s in Bridlington. I intend checking the OS archive regarding these 2 fleets Chris, but I think this may not be necessary as you are a mine of information here. Many thanks John for your kind appreciation, but do please make whatever further checks you can – I’m afraid that advancing years mean that output from the "mine of information" reduces from time to time and sometimes contains samples of "nutty slack." !!

Your journey with WBS will no doubt have been on either HD 4625 or 4631 and the WBS service to Flamborough did have two distinct branches at the outer end – one to North Landing and the other to Lighthouse – which may have given the impression of further territory although I am not aware of the Firm ever having ventured further. What a joy to see actual photos of John Boddy’s fleet. I well remember, staying in Brid in a flat in West Street, overlooking his Garage on the corner of New Burlington Road.

The Fowlers listing given by Richard seems to omit vehicles they have acquired for preservation, as they also have 966 RVO, a Yeates bodied VAL new to Barton Transport. Good news indeed but puzzling that it is not found on the DVLA records which is why I feared it might be lost.

Maybe there has been a change in it’s details recently and been temporarily off record as happened to a car I sold last year.

, as he was the son of Reuben and ran the business till the sale to EYMS.

My Grandma and my Aunt knew Tim in the old days – they ran a very small B & B in St. sent me to my ticket collection of which I have ‘BODDY’S MOTOR TOURS’ at 101 Promenade and 10 Hilderthorpe Road BRIDLINGTON. Youhill dribble are scans I have done (Front and Back) scans of his ‘beloved’ WILLIMSON’S punch tickets showing ‘Havelock Crescent’ on reverse self message.

I then researched the website of Fowlers Travel and found that they have a complete list of every coach they have had since they started with details of when bought, date of disposal and to whom it was sold or scrapped. If you Google the registration VBT 191, it comes up with a very nice photo on Flickr of VBT 191 at the UK Coach Rally in April of this year.

she told us they owned horse drawn coaches before the motorised vehicles in Havelock Crescent .